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Game Changing Listings
Game changing listings - study home staging
  • Are you struggling to get more listings?
  • Are You fed up with working 24/7 with no time for family and friends?
  • Is it time to revamp your marketing and beat your competition?

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Study Home Staging Course

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Have clear and compelling listings that buyers will love.  Increase the perceived value of the home and gain more interest!

Study Home Staging course

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It's Buyer psychology 101, sell without being pushy.  Learn tips and tricks to help showcase your listing!

Study Home Staging Course

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You'll have the best looking properties and accelerate your road to becoming a top agent with maximum profits!

What you can expect inside every course:

OSP Designation and Logo • 10 Training Modules - Easy to Follow Handbooks and Guides

Occupied Staging Professional - study home staging

You will learn:

  • How to cut your days on market
  • The secret of getting top dollar for listings in record time
  • Design principles and staging methodologies for occupied homes
  • How to incorporate home staging into your listings and get the home owner on board
  • How to assess each homes staging needs
  • How to stage every room
  • Top perceptions of a home buyer
  • How to overcome client objections
  • How to work with the best staging companies
  • How to incorporate Home Staging into different business models